2. Pencil-, Lip-, Sound-, Muscle Reading

This is really one of the fields that seem to be the least explored in the entire field. Maybe it is a little foreign, somewhat exotic, for modern mentalist pallets. But know this, especially for muscle-reading (contact reading), this is almost as close to the real thing as we'll ever get...

One of the classic texts on this has always been CONTACT MIND READING EXPANDED - appearing in 1945. This has now been republished by Trickshop.com as a downloadable eBook. This book takes the reader through all he/she needs to know about this obscure art form. From Chapter 1:

Probably because successful performance is entirely dependant on extremely
subtle principles, the general run of magicians seem to make no attempt to
incorporate it their repertoires. Yet it is not nearly as difficult as it
seems...contact mindreading is an extremely fruitful endeavor magically.

This completely re-typeset version of the book is supremely readable, and the information still perfectly relevant (we have evolved only 60 years since this version of the book was published...). It includes very simple tests that can be used right away and goes right up until full performance suggestions - routines and ideas still used by the top guys today (just think of Derren Brown's presentation in Venice in Trick of Mind series 3, or Criss Angel winning the Dodge Viper in Mindfreak series 1). This is a very intriguing skill to have, and for the performer even more so - you're actually doing what you say you are!

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